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Alston and Isabel

Trainer: Xing Yuan
Gender: Male and Female

"I used to have severe ankle sprains issue. I love playing basketball but the amount of sprains I got from basketball was numerous. That was where I learned the hard truth that all those gym workout sessions I did on my own or the classes like body pump or body combat were not helping me much in terms of functional movement. Later on I began to know more about strength and conditioning (“SNC”) for injury prevention before moving to Singapore in 2019.

I have been with CutGym since 2019 when I first moved to Singapore with focus to strengthen muscle groups to prevent injury during sports. Trainer Xingyuan had been with me (and my wife) from the very start. The initial intention of training to avoid injuries led to being competitive and wanting to be better version of ourselves daily.

And because Xingyuan is also a national basketball player, it helps that the workout regimes were very tailored and catered to what I need to not only prevent injury but to play better basketball as well. My wife is a triathlete and she benefited from undergoing the similar SNC drills, trainings and workout with me! Almost EVERY sessions we were push the limits to be better. If I didn’t heave the statement “I feel like dying” or “I see stars” or “I want to faint” or “I feel like puking”, then we know we didn’t give our all enough.

Over time I see improvement in myself. My great sense of achievement was being able to improve my vert jump and managed to clear around 70-80cm box jump, something I didn’t expect I could do at my age or given my non-athletic physique. I really need to give credit to my trainer Xingyuan for this.

Now I’m still training to keep and maintain the body to be more functional and continue building more muscle endurance. As much as I want to, I can’t defy aging and will face the issue of sarcopenia but I choose, and make a conscious decision for myself that SNC must be lifestyle so I can continue doin the sports and activities I loved. This is called Longevity!"

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