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Adam testi.jpeg

Adam Chilinski

Trainer: Johnson Chen

Age: 40s
Gender: Male

"First step completed ... shredded as much as I could at this stage. Few month of lots of sweat and tonnes of hard work. I wanted to put this metamorphosis here as it would never ever happen without you Qiangsen Johnson Chen. This is testimony of how great of a coach you are. I heard this definition of coach once in my life "it's a person that grabs the guy that can run 100 meters in 15 seconds and you make him run it in 13". That's what you did with me buddy... from first to last step... always with the same passion. Your commitment, knowledge, experience, personal touch, motivation skills and sense of humor :) were all super essential and huge part of what we did together. You are by far the best coach I've met in my life... this is the evidence. Thank you!"

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