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Body Transformation

We believe that every body is a different body. Our Cut Gym trainers take a holistic approach when customising each client’s regime - every detail from designing training programmes to dietary and nutrition planning is tailored according to our client’s body type, training experience, progress, goals, and training preference. Whether it is muscle building, fat loss, general fitness, or looking to become active again, Cut gym has a programme just for you.

Athletic Performance & Sports Rehabilitation

Cut Gym is the leader in cutting edge sport performance programs. The integration of evidence-based methods provides the most complete and comprehensive program for all our clients. We teach athletes how to activate the right muscles and build motor skills in order to gain a better understanding of how their body is designed to function. Our progressive training is conducted in phases of intensity in order to prevent injury and constantly track progress to ensure peak athletic performance. Each individualised program allows athletes of all levels and age groups to improve their performance at the sport they love, while reducing the risk of injury.


Online Coaching

Achieve your goals wherever, whenever. We provide fully/partially Online Training packages, where your Cut gym trainer will guide you through your custom programme remotely at your convenience. Whether you are working from home or constantly on the go, our online coaching service provides weekly check-ins and dietary tweaks to ensure consistent progress and results, however you train. Reach out to us and learn more about our Online Training options.

Direct School Admission (DSA) Prep Course

Cut gym has coached many young athletes to success on their DSA journey - among them include subsequent careers in NCAA Division 1 colleges and national youth teams. Our comprehensive 1-to-1 DSA training programme equips young athletes with the essential skills to stand out and achieve their full potential. All training is tailored to each young athlete’s specific strengths and weaknesses. For more information, please contact Cut gym.



  • Physical and individual in-game application skills upgrade

  • Improve explosiveness and reaction time

  • Preparation for DSA specific drills and performance


Racket sports and others:

  • Improving hand-eye coordination

  • Increase reaction time

  • Explosiveness and general speed drills

  • Improve stamina and balance

Gym Rental Services for Freelance Trainers

Cut Gym constantly welcomes and supports like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Our space is open to freelance personal trainers at an hourly rate and various packages for access to all equipment and facilities. Join our fitness community today!

Ready To Transform Your Body?

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